Double Ovens

A double oven has 2 doors one above the other and is usually 600mm wide. This combination of having two separate cavities gives you more flexibility as a cook enabling you to use the main oven and the smaller oven/grill independently. Just like the single oven there are many options depending on which you choose.

The main oven options


Conventional Oven:

A conventional oven has two elements inside the cavity, one at the top and one at the bottom. These heat the air inside the oven to cook the food.

Fan Assisted Oven:

These were called the modern oven. The cavity has a fan and an element mounted at the rear as well as a grill element at the top. The fan is used to circulate the hot air around the cavity creating more of an even heat distribution which creates faster cooking times.

The Smaller Top Oven/Grill

This can be a standalone grill, a conventional oven or even fan assisted. There are so many options to choose from giving the user the flexibility when purchasing to cover all their requirements

Double ovens can either be fitted under the work top or at eye level.

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