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Are you Insured?

Yes, we have comprehensive Public Liability Insurance.

How do you Clean an Oven?

We take the removable items from inside the oven: chrome racks and the enamel grill pan. These are placed in a specialist van mounted cleaning tank where they are left to soak.

While that process is working we clean, by hand, the rest of the oven using specialist equipment to remove the carbon and grease.

We then clean the oven door and where possible, we will strip down the door to enable us to clean inside of the glass as well.

Once this is done all the cleaned parts are refitted to the oven. The process is finished with one last buff leaving your oven clean and shiny.

How often should you clean an oven?

That is, as they say, the million dollar question. Most manufacturers will say you clean an oven every time after use. Well, with all the best intentions, it’s not really practical with today’s hectic lifestyles.

There are many factors to this question: cooking styles, temperatures and then the oven itself. As a guide an oven used normally requires every 6 months and 12 months for one that isn’t used as much.

Why should I have my oven cleaned?

Having an oven cleaned regularly reduces the risk of a potential fire.

Ovens are the heart of every kitchen, from bringing families together at meal times to those all-important dinner parties with friends and family. These events can easily be shadowed with a smelly smoky oven.

Possible tainting of the foods that are being cooked.

What other appliances do you clean?

At Clean an Oven we specialise in:

  • Hobs, ceramic, gas and electric.
  • Microwaves, combination ovens and steam ovens.
  • Extractors (visors, chimney, built in and canopy)
  • Aga cleaning.

How often should you clean an extractor?

We always advise you to follow the manufacturers recommendations on this as a bare minimum but no longer than 12 months.

Extractors are designed to catch steam, starch and grease from your cooking but they also collect dust which all adds to the blocking of filters. Extractors either recirculate into the room or extract outside, failure to regularly clean them will affect their performance. A dirty extractor could be a potential fire risk.

How much does it cost to call your 0800 number?

There is no cost from a landline or a mobile to 0800 456 1961.


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