Gas Hobs

Gas hobs come in various sizes from a single domino to a large 8 burner.

Gas is an instant heat source which has been favoured by chefs and home users because of the controllability whilst cooking.

Ceramic Hobs 

Ceramic hobs use heating elements that sit beneath the surface of the hob. The top of the hob is a toughened glass surface and as the electricity passes through the elements they heat up and radiate heat through the glass to the pans. As ceramic hobs have a glass top this makes easier for the user to maintain.

Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are electric and have copper coils beneath the surface of the glass top. This is clever technology as they don’t actually produce heat themselves. A magnetic field is created between the bottom of the pan and the copper coil that sits beneath the surface of the glass. Using powerful electromagnets under the hob surface to agitate the molecules in the pan, this creates heat which passes directly from the pan into the food. The surface of the hob never really gets hot.

Induction hobs will only work with pans made of ferrous metals for example, cast iron and stainless steel. As the glass is nice and smooth these are easier to maintain.

Solid Plate Hobs

Solid plate hobs have been around for a long time, they are affordable and easy to clean. The elements are covered with a solid metal plate usually made of cast iron. The plates heat up slowly giving an even heat source to the base of the pans. The only real down-side is that they are not as controllable as some other hobs.

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