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Is your oven greasy and sticky with burnt on bits of carbon? Need your oven cleaning?  Why not let Clean an Oven make it shine again. We will deep clean your oven so you don't have to, cutting through the grease and grime to make it shine.

Oven cleaning is probably the most disliked chore in any home. It’s the one everyone puts off and then regrets that they didn’t tackle it sooner when it wasn’t quite as bad.  Some manufacturers recommend oven cleaning after every use, well that’s great in the ideal world but we live in the real world. This is not always achievable due to lack of time or just not being able to. So this where we step in to remove the stress and the headache of dealing with that chore.

At Clean an Oven we take great pride and care in what we do and offer a professional oven cleaning service that is trustworthy and reliable. So you can feel confident when using our services

We have been cleaning ovens, hobs and extractors in and around Rugby for years and these are a few of the makes we have cleaned along the way.



  • Aeg
  • Bosch
  • Miele
  • Neff
  • Rangemaster
  • Zanussi


This is a service for everyone from the young to the young hearted.

Contact us today and let Clean an Oven scrub and polish the grease and grime away leaving your oven clean and sparkly.

Leaving you with the satisfaction of  knowing that chore has been dealt with.



So contact us today and let Clean an Oven scrub and polish the grease and grime away leaving your oven clean and sparkly.

Leaving you with the satisfaction knowing that dreaded chore has been dealt with.

"Wow!! Its amazing!"

I have not seen my oven ever looking so good. The gentleman who did the work was very kind and very efficient. He did not make me feel bad about my dreadful oven.

Thanks Clean an Oven I thoroughly recommend you.

Ms W

Britannia Range With Dirty Grill

Our Process

This is a job you don't have to do on your own, we can work together to get it done. You will be happy to know in our process you have the best part and it's as easy as ABC.

Your Job

      a.   Contact us, by phone, or contact form

      b.   Talk to us about the oven cleaning service you require

      c.    Arrange a time and date for us to clean

Our Job

      a.   To respond to your enquiry on the day

      b.   Listen and discuss the oven cleaning service you require

      c.   To clean and polish your oven on the date and time agreed

Its as easy as ABC


You can reach us on 0800 456 1961,  alternatively use our contact form.

Rugby Oven Cleaning Information

The Town of Rugby is a town steeped in history from an iron age settlement next to the river Avon to an ever growing modern town with its busy shops and restaurants. Rugby was mentioned in the Doomsday Book in 1086 which was spelt as Rocheberrie. The town secured a charter to hold a market in 1255, and soon grew into a small market town. Rugby school was founded in 1567 by a local grocer. As legend has it, the game of rugby was invented at Rugby School. The town is also known for its poets, actors, musicians and engineers for famously creating the jet engine.  

If you have any questions take a look at our FAQ page or call Freephone 0800 456 1961

About us

Clean-an-Oven provides a professional oven cleaning service at competitive rates.

When our customers have their ovens cleaned they expect them to be cleaned to a far higher standard than they can achieve themselves, and that’s exactly what they get!

Agents in Action

Have a look at our gallery to see how we can turn even the grimiest oven into one that gleams like new.


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