Range Cookers

Range cookers have been around for a long time and were the hub of the kitchen as the ultimate all-in-one cooking source. 

The modern day range cooker is stylish and efficient, they are a freestanding unit that comes in many different sizes, typically starting around 900mm wide going up 2.2m. You have a choice of gas, electric or they can be dual fuel. They usually have a large hob, a grill and multiple ovens, even a warming drawer. There are so many permutations to choose from giving you the options of conventional cooking or fan assisted.

Conventional Oven

A conventional oven has two elements inside the cavity, one at the top and one at the bottom. These heat the air inside the oven to cook the food.

Fan Assisted Oven

These were known as the modern oven. The cavity has a fan and an element mounted at the rear as well as a grill element at the top. The fan is used to circulate the hot air around the cavity creating an even heat distribution which creates faster cooking times. 

Due to their flexibility you can cook multiple things at once using the hob, ovens and grill all at the same time if you choose. There are various styles and colours from the classic look to the more vibrant colours giving you the choice to be more adventurous in your kitchen design.

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