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Clean an Oven is your local independent oven cleaning company and we pride ourselves on the results we achieve these are some of the comments our customers have to say:


  • "Wow that’s amazing"

  • "I can’t stop looking at it"

  • "Thank you"


Did you know that ovens, cookers, ranges and hobs have one thing in common, well actually two.


The first:-

They are all designed to cook either in or on, allowing you to create tasty meals. This can be from the humble baked beans on toast to a full-on roast dinner with all the trimmings which takes, I’m told, a little longer. They can also bake, from delicate fairy cakes to the hearty apple pie, oh and custard of course.

The second:-

That’s easy! Nobody likes to clean them!  Well except for us that is.


As you know these appliances get worked hard most, if not every day reaching temperatures in excess of 200 degrees and that’s what they are designed to do. But even the best chefs have accidents and spillages and we are all guilty of thinking to ourselves when it cools down I will give it a clean. Well that rarely happens because we’ve moved on to the washing up. So as you can see most of the time it's not that we don’t want to its just we’ve forgotten, moved on and cleaned everything else except the appliances.

With all the different types of cooking we do in our ovens they get dirty, this can be the spiting of fat, oil, starch and even the odd rice pudding boiling over. All this starts to the building up layers inside the oven and starts to burn on which creates that greasy mess which turns into carbon in the hotter parts of the oven.

So why not let Clean an Oven who specialise in the cleaning of ovens, hobs, cookers, and extractors take on the task for you. We have been oven cleaning in Warwick and the surrounding area for years and we’ve cleaned lots of ovens on the way. We can work together to find a suitable time to come and professionally clean these appliances. We can cut through the grease and grime and put back that shine.

"Wow!! Its amazing!"

I have not seen my oven ever looking so good. The gentleman who did the work was very kind and very efficient. He did not make me feel bad about my dreadful oven.

Thanks Clean an Oven I thoroughly recommend you.

Ms W


You can reach us on 0800 456 1961, or alternatively complete the contact form.

Warwick Oven Cleaning Information

The medieval town of Warwick stands by the river Avon which originated from a Saxon Fort around the year 914AD, the Fort was used as a defence from the Danes. As part of the Norman conquest of England a Motte and Bailey castle was ordered to be built. In 1694 the year of the Great Fire many of the central streets and buildings in the town were destroyed, they were later rebuilt and the town continued to grow through the years to the town that we know today. Warwick has become a favourite destination for tourists as the town is steeped in history and a central base to explore the Shire.  

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Clean-an-Oven provides a professional oven cleaning service at competitive rates.

When our customers have their ovens cleaned they expect them to be cleaned to a far higher standard than they can achieve themselves, and that’s exactly what they get!

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